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    L2TP Operations on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is a client-server protocol that allows Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to be encapsulated and tunneled across a network. An L2TP access concentrator (LAC), configured on an E Series router, receives packets from a remote client and forwards them to an L2TP network server (LNS), which can be another E Series router or another device at the remote edge.

    This page provides information that describes the processing of L2TP traffic on E Series routers.

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Knowledge Base

    Sample QoS config for L2TP

    L2TP fabric bus selection algorithms

    L2TP retransmission algorithm.

    Fragmentation and L2TP

    L2TP Local Address is incorrect in the 'show l2tp destination detail' output on an LNS

    Under certain conditions a GE2 configured as a Service Module will have adverse affects on forwarding when it is the only card providing L2TP peer services

    ERX operating as an L2TP LNS will not negotiate multilink PPP with tunneled clients unless the LAC supplies proxy LCP information when establishing the tunnel.

    erx1440 LAC unable to process more than 16K L2TP sessions when configured for larger B-RAS license

    Configuring ERX and Windows XP for L2TP over IPSec

    SNMP Trap support for L2TP Tunnels and Sessions

    Reason for L2TP Data rx discard packets.

    Sample configuration for L2TP tunnel switching

    L2TP Dial-Out Functionality

    L2TP destruct timeout and tunnel termination

    Sample L2TP configuration and logs for troubleshooting

    ERX accounting behavior for PPP and L2TP

    Show L2TP session CLI output is inconsistent

    L2TP tunnel switch fragmentation corrupting egress packets

    GRE tunnel over L2TP stops receiving data

    L2TP sessions remain in a down state.

    Fabric double counts packets for L2TP subscriber.

    ERX LAC L2TP Tunnel To Lucent LNS Fails

    Incorrect L2TP result codes when override is enabled

    L2TP Tunnel Sessions No Longer Establish After Slot Reload

    Number of supported L2TP tunnels and sessions per release

    Null Accounting Statistics when a L2TP subscriber ungracefully terminates