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    DHCP Local Server on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    The E Series router offers an embedded DHCP server, known as the DHCP local server for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. The DHCP local server has two modes: equal-access and standalone. In equal-access mode, the DHCP local server works with the SRC software to provide an advanced subscriber configuration and management service. In standalone mode, the DHCP local server provides a basic DHCP service and authentication for incoming DHCP clients.

    This page provides information for configuring the DHCP local server on the E Series routers."

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Removal of DHCPv6 Client Bindings

    Deleting DHCPv6 Client Bindings

    Interoperation of SRC Client and DHCP Local Server

    Configuring the Router to Work with the SRC Software

    Configuring Baselines for DHCP Local Server Statistics

    Setting Baselines for DHCP Statistics

    Knowledge Base

    Communication between DHCP Local Server and SSCC is broken

    Configuring DHCP local server to run in stand alone mode

    DHCP local server does not properly handle DHCP Decline messages

    DHCP local server may not respond to client DHCP Request

    DHCP client bindings not being removed from DHCP local table

    ARP entries are not removed when DHCP local server bindings are deleted

    DHCP local-server sending OFFER out of the wrong Dynamic VLAN

    RADIUS Accounting records for DHCP local subscribers contain incorrect packet and byte counts

    DHCP local server unable to detect DHCP subscribers roaming from subnet to subnet

    DHCP Local Server is unresponsive and the system CPU goes to 100%

    DHCP local server does not support more than one DHCP client per MAC address

    Duplicate MAC functionality for DHCP Local Server does not extend to equal-access

    DHCP Local Server and Proxy cannot be configured within the same virtual-router

    DHCP Local Server NAKs a DHCP Request packet that is destined for another server

    DHCP Local Server may exhaust heap and/or lose packets under certain conditions.

    ERX hangs when show config is issued due to a deadlock in DHCP local server

    An ERX running DHCP Local Server does not correctly honor the Broadcast bit in client messages

    Radius start record doesn't contain framed-ip-address when using DHCP Local Server authentication mode

    A small amount of system memory may be leaked when the DHCP Local Server application NAKs a DHCP REQUEST

    SNMP Traps are also being generated for individual DHCP local server pool members with the Link group pool trap

    SSCC policy management rate is slow when interfaces scale into the thousands or if DHCP local server is configured

    DHCP Local Server does not default to equal-access mode after a standalone DHCP server is defined