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    DHCP External Server on E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    An external DHCP server enables the router, which is not running DHCP relay or DHCP proxy server, to monitor DHCP packets and to keep information for subscribers based on their IP address and MAC address. When a DHCP external server is configured, all DHCP traffic to and from the DHCP server is monitored by the router.

    This page provides information about the features you can use to configure the DHCP external server application on E Series routers.

    JunosE Software Documentation for E Series Broadband Services Routers, Release 15.1

    Interworking of DHCP External Server and Ethernet DSLAMs

    Configuring Interoperation with Ethernet DSLAMs

    Configuring Baselines for DHCP External Server Statistics

    Setting Baselines for DHCP Statistics

    Knowledge Base

    High counters in DHCP External Server statistics

    Sample configuration for DHCP External with RADIUS authentication

    DHCP External is not functioning properly after an ISSU

    DHCP External clients cannot login due to memory exhaustion

    SSCC intermittently misses COPS address requests for DHCP External DSI clients

    DHCP Discover is not sent to sscClient for DHCP External clients

    DHCP External bindings are stuck in deleting state after lease timer expiry

    ERX DHCP External Server process does not properly handle DHCP Decline messages

    ERX is duplicating multicast packets on shared DSI interface with DHCP external configuration.

    DSI interfaces are not created on GRE tunnel interfaces when using DHCP External Server

    SRP Reset: exception 0x68616c74 (halt), task: icc upon removing DHCP External

    Overlapping (Duplicate) MAC addresses result in incomplete ERX DHCP external-server binding table

    Server address for the client binding under DHCP External shows wrong address if client is moved.

    The DHCP external server lease binding table sometimes does not show the interface associated with a lease binding

    DHCP External server will create stale bindings for Renew/Rebind requests without an Ack from the Server

    User traffic may be dropped when strict MAC validation is configured with DHCP Relay Proxy and DHCP External

    DHCP External Server with DHCP Relay is not functioning if the DHCP server is accessed across an MPLS tunnel

    DHCP External subscriber access-internal routes have as the next-hop address

    Next-Hop value of Access route installed as in DHCP External Server when packet trigger enabled

    ARP entry is not removed after a dhcp-external binding is deleted

    sample configuration for dhcp-external and dhcp relay in a virtual router

    Lease time is not updated correctly on dhcp-external server when client renews

    DHCP packets cannot be monitored on the virtual router with dhcp-external server configured

    DHCP-External binding information is not updated properly when a PC comes out of hibernation

    SRP CPU goes to 100% utilization after issuing 'no service dhcp-external'

    DHCP-External uses Option 51 in the DHCP Request packet as the lease timer if it doesn't receive an ACK.