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Requesting Detailed Probe Data for a Trace


Use the Cloud Analytics Engine DLE API as follows to retrieve detailed probe data for a DLE flow path trace, including per-hop details.

GET /api/v1/traces/{traceId}/probes/{probeId}

Use this DLE API request to get detailed probe data from DLE for the specified probe ID and the specified trace ID.

Request Format:

  • GET method

Request Parameters:

  • None

Response Data:

See Hops Inquiries Data Learning Engine API Example for a sample probe details request and response.

Probe Detail Transfer Object

Table 1 describes the Probe Detail transfer object, returned in JSON format in response to a request for probe details for a specific probe of a trace managed by DLE (see GET /api/v1/traces/{traceId}/probes/{probeId}).

Table 1: Probe Detail Transfer Object

Element Name



(String) Probe ID. Note that the trace ID is a part of the probe ID.


(Boolean) If “true”, indicates this probe followed a different path (due to routing differences) than previous probes in the flow path for this trace. If “false”, this probe’s path matches that of the previous probe.


(Numeric) Timestamp (epoch time in ms) when this probe started on its path.


(Numeric) Maximum hop latency in ms among all the hops recorded in this probe’s flow path.


(String) URI for the probe detail resource request related to this data.


(Numeric) Number of hops in this probe’s flow path (number of objects in the hops list element).


List of Hop transfer objects, which contain detailed hop and device data for the hops in the probe’s path, described in Hop Transfer Object.

Hop Transfer Object

Table 2 describes the Hop transfer object, which provides detailed hop and device information for the hops traversed by a specific probe for a trace managed by DLE. This information is included in the response to a probe detail API request (see GET /api/v1/traces/{traceId}/probes/{probeId}) as part of Probe Detail Transfer Object for each hop traversed by the probe.

Table 2: Hop Transfer Object

Element Name



(String) Device serial number for this hop.


(String) Device name of the device at this hop.


(Numeric) Latency in ms for this hop in the flow path.


(Numeric) CPU utilization of device at this hop.


(Numeric) Memory utilization of device at this hop.


(String) Ingress interface name of the hop.


List of egress interface name strings for the hop, in the format {“egressName”:”<interface name>”,...}.

Hops Inquiries Data Learning Engine API Example

The following is a DLE API example for retrieving detailed probe data for a specific probe ID. See GET /api/v1/traces/{traceId}/probes/{probeId}, Probe Detail Transfer Object, and Hop Transfer Object. Requests use the GET method, and response data is in JSON format.