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Requesting NTA Application Flow Statistics


Use the Cloud Analytics Engine DLE API as follows to retrieve Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) application statistics from network devices known to DLE.

GET /api/v1/nta/application-stats

Use this DLE API request to get NTA application flow statistics samples collected by DLE. Response data is in JSON format.

Request Format:

  • GET method

Request Parameters:

  • Table 1 describes the request parameters.

    Table 1: NTA Application Stats Request Parameters

    Request Parameter



    (String) Device IP address.


    (String) Interface SNMP index.


    (Numeric) Start time in ms (epoch time). Query DLE for data starting at this timestamp.


    (Numeric) Optional end time in ms (epoch time). Query DLE for data up until this timestamp.


    (Numeric) Aggregation interval in seconds. Instructs DLE to aggregate (average) the sample data produced within the specified timestamps, and return the averaged samples per interval.


    Applications statistics request data object consisting of a list of application identifiers (port, protocol) for which to filter the results and return statistics for only the specified applications, in the following JSON format:

    { “applications”: [ {”protocol”=<”TCP”|”UDP”>,”port”=”<port number>”}, ...] }

Response Data:

  • application-stats: NTA Application Stats Samples Transfer Object in JSON format—A list of application identifiers and corresponding application flow statistics samples results for each application, as specified in the request parameters.

See NTA Application Stats Data Learning Engine API Example for a sample request and response.

NTA Application Stats Samples Transfer Object

The DLE API returns the Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Application Statistics Samples transfer object in response to a DLE API request for NTA application statistics. See GET /api/v1/nta/application-stats. The response data lists each application identifier pair specified in the request, followed by the corresponding list of samples. Results for each application are represented by the following elements in JSON format:

  • protocol: (String) Application transport protocol - “TCP” | “UDP”.

  • port: (Numeric) Application port number.

  • samples: List of application statistics samples, described in Table 2, that were collected and aggregated by DLE according to the request parameters.

    Table 2: NTA Application Samples Transfer Object

    Element Name

    Data Type




    Timestamp of sample in ms (epoch time).



    Total bytes of traffic transferred in the applications sample.

NTA Application Stats Data Learning Engine API Example

The following is a DLE API example for retrieving NTA application flow samples from DLE. See GET /api/v1/nta/application-stats and NTA Application Stats Samples Transfer Object. The example request identifies two applications for which to filter the results, and the DLE response provides the available samples results for each application, aggregated over the specified interval from the specified starting timestamp.


filter={"applications":[{"protocol":"UDP","port":"20"},{"protocol":"UDP","port": "109"}]}