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Retrieving Compute Agents Information


Use the Cloud Analytics Engine DLE API as follows to retrieve information about Compute Agent (CA) Cloud Analytics Engine components known to DLE.

GET /api/v1/compute-agents

Get a list of all CA components known to DLE, with details about their configuration. DLE API clients use this information for activating flow traces, because CA signature information is part of the required parameters for starting a trace (see DLE API POST /api/v1/traces).

Clients can also subscribe to DLE event notifications and learn when DLE discovers new CA components, to know when to issue this request to get the new CA information. See DLE API GET /api/v1/events for details.

Request Format:

  • GET method.

Request Parameters:

  • None.

Response Data (in JSON format):

  • totalSize: (Numeric) Number of CA components for which data is being returned.

  • caList: List of CA components known to DLE, described in Compute Agent Transfer Object.

  • uri: Resource URI for this request.

See Inquiry Compute Agent Data Learning Engine API Example for a sample request and response.

Compute Agent Transfer Object

Table 1 describes the Compute Agent transfer object, the response data to a DLE API request for information about CA components in the network (see GET /api/v1/compute-agents).

Table 1: Compute Agent Transfer Object

Element Name



(String) CA IP address.


(String) CA management port.


(String) CA host IP address.


(String) CA host name.


List of CA Network Interface data objects, defined in Table 2, which describe the application interfaces on the CA host with which application flows might be emulated.

Table 2 describes the CA Network Interface data object in Compute Agent response data.

Table 2: Compute Agent Network Interface Data Object

Element Name



List of IP addresses (strings) of application interfaces.


(String) Interface name.


(String) Interface MAC address.

Inquiry Compute Agent Data Learning Engine API Example

The following is a DLE API example for retrieving information about CA components known to DLE. See GET /api/v1/compute-agents. The CA information in the response is described in the Compute Agent Transfer Object.