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Retrieving Active Flows List


Use the Cloud Analytics Engine CA API active flows resource to retrieve information about flows you started that are currently active.

GET active/flow Resource

Use the GET active/flow CA API to retrieve a list of all active application flows for the client who originated the request.

Request Parameters:

  • None

Return Codes:

  • EOK—CA found and returned active flows for this client.

  • EFAIL—Failed to find or return active flows for this client.

Response Data:

  • flows: List of flow identifier tuples for all active flows initiated by this client, in JSON format with tuple values in order as follows:


See Active Flows Compute Agent API Example for a sample request and response.

Active Flows Compute Agent API Example

This example shows the JSON-format response data returned from a CA API request to retrieve all active flows for the client issuing the request. See GET active/flow Resource for details on response data elements.

Request (GET active/flow):

Response data: