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    Verifying Switching Mode Configuration


    The operational mode command for checking the status and statistics for multiport uPIMs in switching mode is different from that in routing mode. For uPIMs in routing mode, the operational commands are the same as for other Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, such as the 1-port Gigabit Ethernet ePIM and built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    However, not all operational mode commands are supported for ports of a uPIM in switching mode. For example, the operational mode command for monitoring port statistics is not supported.

    Note: To clear the statistics for the individual switch ports, use the clear interfaces statistics ge-pim/0/0 switch-port port-number command.

    To verify the status and view statistics for a port on a uPIM in switching mode:

    user@host# show interfaces ge-slot/0/0 switch-port port-number
    Port 0, Physical link is Up
           	Speed: 100mbps, Auto-negotiation: Enabled       
    			Statistics:                          Receive         Transmit
    	         Total bytes                       28437086         21792250
    	         Total packets                       409145            88008
    	         Unicast packets                       9987            83817
    	         Multicast packets                   145002                0
    	         Broadcast packets                   254156             4191
    	         Multiple collisions                     23               10
    	         FIFO/CRC/Align errors                    0                0
    	         MAC pause frames                         0                0
    	         Oversized frames                         0
    	         Runt frames                              0
    	         Jabber frames                            0
    	         Fragment frames                          0
    	         Discarded frames                         0
    	       Autonegotiation information:
    	         Negotiation status: Complete
    	         Link partner:
    	             Link mode: Full-duplex, Flow control: None, Remote fault: OK, Link partner Speed: 100 Mbps
    	         Local resolution:
    	             Flow control: None, Remote fault: Link OK

    Modified: 2017-01-12