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    Displaying License Usage


    Verify that the licenses fully cover the feature configuration on the device.


    From the CLI, enter the show system license usage command.

    Sample Output

    user@host> show system license usage
                Licenses     Licenses    Licenses    Expiry
      Feature name         used    installed      needed 
      subscriber-addr         1            0           1    29 days
      scale-subscriber        0         1000           0    permanent
      scale-l2tp              0         1000           0    permanent
      scale-mobile-ip         0         1000           0    permanent


    The output shows any licenses installed on the device and how they are used. Verify the following information:

    • Any configured licenses appear in the output. The output lists features in ascending alphabetical order by license name. The number of licenses appears in the third column. Verify that you have installed the appropriate number of licenses.
    • The number of licenses used matches the number of configured features. If a licensed feature is configured, the feature is considered used. The sample output shows that the subscriber address pooling feature is configured.
    • A license is installed on the device for each configured feature. For every feature configured that does not have a license, one license is needed.

      For example, the sample output shows that the subscriber address feature is configured but that the license for the feature has not yet been installed. The license must be installed within the remaining grace period to be in compliance.

    Modified: 2017-05-08