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    Verifying Graceful Restart Operation

    This topic contains the following sections:

    Graceful Restart Operational Mode Commands

    To verify proper operation of graceful restart, use the following commands:

    • show bgp neighbor (for BGP graceful restart)
    • show log (for IS-IS and OSPF/OSPFv3 graceful restart)
    • show (ospf | ospfv3) overview (for OSPF/OSPFv3 graceful restart)

    For more information about these commands and a description of their output fields, see the CLI Explorer.

    Verifying BGP Graceful Restart

    To view graceful restart information for BGP sessions, use the show bgp neighbor command:

    user@PE1> show bgp neighbor
    Peer: AS 64595 Local: AS 64595
      Type: Internal    State: Established    Flags: <>
      Last State: OpenConfirm   Last Event: RecvKeepAlive
      Last Error: None
      Export: [ static ] 
      Options:<Preference LocalAddress HoldTime GracefulRestart Damping PeerAS Refresh>
      Local Address: Holdtime: 90 Preference: 170
      IPSec SA Name: hope
      Number of flaps: 0
      Peer ID:     Local ID:      Active Holdtime: 90
      Keepalive Interval: 30
      NLRI for restart configured on peer: inet-unicast
      NLRI advertised by peer: inet-unicast
      NLRI for this session: inet-unicast
      Peer supports Refresh capability (2)
      Restart time configured on the peer: 180
      Stale routes from peer are kept for: 180
      Restart time requested by this peer: 300
      NLRI that peer supports restart for: inet-unicast
      NLRI that peer saved forwarding for: inet-unicast
      NLRI that restart is negotiated for: inet-unicast
      NLRI of received end-of-rib markers: inet-unicast
      NLRI of all end-of-rib markers sent: inet-unicast
      Table inet.0 Bit: 10000
        RIB State: restart is complete
        Send state: in sync
        Active prefixes: 0
        Received prefixes: 0
        Suppressed due to damping: 0
      Last traffic (seconds): Received 19   Sent 19   Checked 19
      Input messages:  Total 2      Updates 1       Refreshes 0     Octets 42
      Output messages: Total 3      Updates 0       Refreshes 0     Octets 116
      Output Queue[0]: 0

    Verifying IS-IS and OSPF Graceful Restart

    To view graceful restart information for IS-IS and OSPF, configure traceoptions (see Tracking Graceful Restart Events).

    Here is the output of a traceoptions log from an OSPF restarting router:

    Oct  8 05:20:12 Restart mode - sending grace lsas
    Oct  8 05:20:12 Restart mode - estimated restart duration timer triggered
    Oct  8 05:20:13 Restart mode - Sending more grace lsas

    Here is the output of a traceoptions log from an OSPF helper router:

    Oct  8 05:20:14 Helper mode for neighbor
    Oct  8 05:20:14  Received multiple grace lsa from

    Modified: 2016-04-29