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Verify That the LSP Is Established



Check that the LSP shown in CSPF Topology with Administrative Group Coloring is established and traversing the path from R1 to R6 through the red links.


To verify that the LSP is established, enter the following Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) operational mode command:

Sample Output

Sample Output 2


Sample Output 1 from ingress router R1 shows that LSP R1-to-R6 is successfully established as indicated by the Explicit Route Object (ERO) S S, the log message CSPF: computation result accepted, and State: Up. Also, the LSP is routing packets correctly over the red links, avoiding the blue links or the links without any coloring.

Sample Output 2 from transit router R5 shows that LSP R1-to-R6 is transiting R5 as expected.