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Display the Crash Stack Traceback and Registration Information



To display the crash stack traceback and registration information.


To display the crash stack traceback and registration information, follow these steps:

  1. Exit from the CLI environment and create a UNIX-level shell by entering the start shell command:

  2. Type su and the root password when prompted. You are now in the shell and prompt is % instead of >, for example:

  3. Establish a vty session to the appropriate component. Use the vty command followed by the executable name for the component; for example, scb, ssb0, ssb1, fpc0, or fpc1:


    For the M40e and M160 routers, you can also create a cty session to the components if the components are not online.

  4. Type the show nvram command to view the NVRAM information.

  5. Type the show syslog messages command to view the system log messages.

Sample Output 1

user@host> start shell

Sample Output

crash stack tracebackThe following sample output is another example of displaying the crash stack registration informationtraceback and registration information:


Sample output 1 and 2 show the stack trace from the microkernel crash. Save the output from the show nvram and show syslog commands so that you can send them to JTAC when you open a case.