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Check CPU Utilization



The enterprise-specific chassis MIB provides information about the router and its components. Within the chassis MIB, the jnxMIBs branch contains one main subbranch, jnxBoxAnatomy, which in turn contains a section, jnxOperatingTable. Within jnxOperatingTable, and under the jnxOperatingEntry, you can use the jnxOperatingCPU object to monitor the CPU on your router. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1: Chassis MIB Tree
Chassis MIB Tree

After each object description is a value in parenthesis, such as (1). This value can be used to enter an OID for the specific object. For example, to gather information on the CPU, you can type the object description (jnxOperatingCPU) or the OID (.


To check CPU utilization using the Juniper Networks enterprise chassis MIB, from a management station that has access to the router, and using a tool such as Snmpwalk, enter the following command:

Sample Output


The sample output shows the percentage CPU utilization on router, tp1. The Routing Engine ( has 6 percent CPU utilization, the two CFEB Internet Processors IIv1 ( and have 22 percent each, and the FPCs ( and have 2 percent each. Components with a value of zero indicate that the information is either unavailable or inapplicable.

The output for the jnxOperatingDesc object provides a description of the separate instances in the jnxOperatingCPU object. For example, represents the Routing Engine.