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Display Basic Chassis Information



Before you return a router component to Juniper Networks, you must contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) with the serial number of the failed component and failure information. JTAC will then grant a Return Materials Authorization (RMA).


To display a list of the serial numbers of components installed in the router chassis, use the following Junos OS command-line interface (CLI) operational mode command:

Sample Output

user@host> show chassis hardware


The sample output is for an M20 and an M40 router. It shows a list of all FPCs and PICs installed in the router chassis, including the hardware version level and serial number.

The detail option displays detailed information about hardware, including memory, hardware version level, serial number, and additional information about memory.

If the Routing Engine is identified by a 10- and 16-digit serial number, both numbers are displayed in the output for the detail option, and are especially important when processing an RMA for such a Routing Engine. In addition, when you request an RMA for the M40 router, include the maxicab serial number.

Table 1 provides a description of all the output fields for the show chassis hardware command.

Table 1: Output fields for the show chassis hardware command

Output field



(For M-series routers) Chassis component. Information is displayed about the backplane; power supplies; Routing Engine; maxicab (the connection between the Routing Engine and the backplane, for the M40 router only); System Control Board (SCB), System and Switch Board (SSB), Switching and Forwarding Module (SFM), or Forwarding Engine Board (FEB); Miscellaneous Control Subsystem (MCS) and PFE clock generator (PCG) (for the M160 router only); and each FPC and PIC.

(For T-series platforms) Chassis component. Information is displayed about the backplane, power supplies, midplane, Control Board (CB), Connector Interface Panel (CIP), FPC, Front Panel Module (FPM) (craft interface), Power Entry Module (PEM), PIC, SONET Clock Generator (SCG), Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules, Switch Interface Board (SIB), and Switch Processor Mezzanine Board (SPMB).


Revision level of the chassis component.

Part number

Part number of the chassis component.

Serial number

Serial number of the chassis component. For all RMAs, the chassis serial number must be provided to JTAC. If the RMA is for the chassis itself, you must obtain the backplane or midplane serial number as well.


Brief description of the hardware item.


When you request an RMA, you must also include output from the show chassis environment command, the show version command, and the troubleshooting output used to identify the failure.