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    Verifying That Virtual Router Routing Instances Are Working


    After creating a virtual router routing instance, verify that it has been set up properly.


    1. Use the show route instance command to list all the routing instances and their properties:
      user@switch> show route instance
      Instance             Type
               Primary RIB                                     Active/holddown/hidden
      master               forwarding     
               inet.0                                          4/0/1
      __juniper_private1__ forwarding     
               __juniper_private1__.inet.0                     1/0/3
      __juniper_private2__ forwarding     
               __juniper_private2__.inet.0                     0/0/1
      __juniper_private3__ forwarding     
               __juniper_private3__.inet.0                     1/0/2
      __juniper_private4__ forwarding     
               __juniper_private4__.inet.0                     4/0/2
      __master.anon__      forwarding     
      r1                 virtual-router 
      r2                 virtual-router 
    2. Use the show route forwarding-table command to view the forwarding table information for each routing instance:
      Routing table: r1---qfabric.inet
      Destination        Type RtRef Next hop           Type Index NhRef Netif
      default            perm     0                    rjct  1628     1         perm     0                    dscd  1626     1        perm     0                    mdsc  1627     1       perm     0          mcst  1623     1 perm     0                    bcst  1624     1


    The output displays the routing table information and confirms that the virtual router routing instances have been created and the links are up.

    Modified: 2016-04-29