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    Verifying the Rate of SIP ALG Messages


    Display information about SIP message rate.


    From the J-Web interface, select Monitor>ALGs>SIP>Rate. Alternatively, from the CLI, enter the show security alg sip rate command.

    user@host> show security alg sip rate
    CPU ticks per microseconds is 3735928559
        Time taken for the last message is 0 microseconds
        Total time taken for 0 messages is 0 microseconds(in less than 10 minutes)
        Rate: 3735928559 messages/second


    The output provides information about CPU usage for messages, and speed and periodicity of SIP signaling messages. Verify the following information:

    • CPU ticks per US
    • Passage time for last message, for all messages, and the rate at which messages transit the network

    Modified: 2017-09-18