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Troubleshooting Insufficient Space or DRAM Errors During Software Upgrade of a Routing Matrix with a TX Matrix Router





Throughout this document, we use the term TX Matrix router to refer to the switch-card chassis (SCC) and T640 router to refer to the line-card chassis (LCC).

A routing matrix with a TX Matrix router (scc) and T640 routers (lcc) must have sufficient disk space and DRAM on all Routing Engines for an upgrade of the Junos OS to install successfully. If there is insufficient disk space or DRAM, you might receive a warning indicating that the /var file system is low on free disk space similar to the following:

To determine the amount of free disk space on the Routing Engine, use the CLI show system storage command. To determine the amount of DRAM available on the Routing Engine, use the CLI show chassis routing-engine command.

Below is sample output showing the two commands.


If you find that you need to free up some space, issue the request system storage cleanup command and delete everything that appears in the output. then try the upgrade again.


For some DRAM issues, remove any superfluous files from the /root and /tmp directories.