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    Troubleshooting sFlow on Management Interface


    Description: On EX Series switches, sFlow does not work with the management interface me0 as the Collector IP, when there is an alternate route to the collector through a network port.


    The sFlow packets are sent through the me0 interface only if route lookup to the collector fails at the Packet Forwarding Engine; that is, when there are no network port routes to the collector. Sometimes the static route to the collector through me0 and the default route through network ports match. The sFlow packets are then sent through the network ports and not through the me0 port. This might result in the sFlow packets being sent through network ports on which no collector is present.


    Push the collector route-information to the Packet Forwarding Engine by setting a static receive route towards the collector. This will ensure that the sFlow packets are sent through the me0 ports.

    Set a static receive route to the collector for appropriate forwarding of the packet.

    1. Assume the collector IP is IP1. Add a static route to IP1, as the best route through me0 to reach the collector.
    2. Add an additional static receive route, which is the next best route to the collector.

    For example:

    [edit routing-options static]
    root# show
    • Best route to the collector through me0: next-hop
    • Next best route to the collector:

    Modified: 2013-08-16