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Determine and Correct the Problem on the Egress Router



Description: Check the configuration of interface so-0/0/0.0 on egress router R5 to determine the reason it was disabled.


To determine the problem on R5, enter the following Junos OS CLI commands:

Sample Output 1

Sample Output 2

Sample Output 3


Sample Output 1 from egress router R5 shows three interfaces configured at the [edit protocols rsvp] hierarchy level, non of which is so-0/0/0.0. On examination of the network topology, it is apparent that the so-0/0/0.0 interface was configured incorrectly as so-0/0/3.0.

Sample Output 2 shows the correct configuration of interfaces at the [edit protocols rsvp] hierarchy level, and the rename command issued to correct the configuration error.

Sample Output 3 shows that the RSVP-signaled LSP (R1-to-R5) is correctly established after the changes to the RSVP configuration are committed.