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Checklist for Verifying the Physical Layer



Description: This checklist provides the steps and commands for investigating a problem at the physical layer of a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. The checklist provides links to an overview of verifying the physical layer and more detailed information about the commands used to investigate the problem.


Table 1 provides commands for verifying the physical layer.

Table 1: Checklist for Verifying the Physical Layer


Command or Action

Verifying the Physical Layer 
  1. Verify the LSP

show mpls lsp extensive

  1. Verify Router Connection

ping host

  1. Verify Interfaces

show interfaces terse

show configuration interfaces type-fpc/pic/port

  1. Take Appropriate Action

The following sequence of commands addresses the specific problem described in this topic:

[edit interfaces type-fpc/pic/port]

set family mpls



  1. Verify the LSP Again

show mpls lsp extensive