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    Participating Nodes Time not Synchronized


    Description: If the time is not synchronized in the participating nodes, MKA session is not established and packet drops happen.


    Use the following command to check whether MKA session is established:

    user@host> show security mka sessions

    If the session is not established, check whether the participating nodes are time synchronized:

    user@host> show ntp associations
    user@host> show ntp status

    If the servers are not time synchronized, execute the following command in the participating nodes.

    user@host> set date ntp ntp-server-name

    Sample Output

    user@host>show security mka sessions
      Interface name: et-1/1/0
          Member identifier: F1B80E06749B07B3A936AD94
          CAK name: 100000000010
          Transmit interval: 2000(ms)
          Outbound SCI: EC:13:DB:BB:5B:97/1
          Message number: 169        Key number: 0
          Key server: no             Key server priority: 16
          Latest SAK AN: 2           Latest SAK KI: 6FF71A62FDAEE9EAA1CCB6BE/1
          Previous SAK AN: 1         Previous SAK KI: C4E299F428AF74932CDDCB77/1
          Peer list
           1. Member identifier: 6FF71A62FDAEE9EAA1CCB6BE (live)
              Message number: 167 Hold time: 5000 (ms)
              SCI: 3C:61:04:09:17:18/1
              Lowest acceptable PN: 0
    user@host> show ntp associations
       remote         refid           st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
                      .GPS.            1 -   14   64  377  225.786    0.167   6.603
    user@host> show ntp status
    status=0644 leap_none, sync_ntp, 4 events, event_peer/strat_chg,
    version="ntpd 4.2.0-a Wed Feb 14 17:40:53 PST 2018 (1)",
    processor="amd64", system="FreeBSDJNPR-11.0-20180127.fdc8dfc_buil",
    leap=00, stratum=2, precision=-23, rootdelay=225.786,
    rootdispersion=11.380, peer=26276, refid=,
    reftime=de3a5ba9.bb50dfab  Fri, Feb 23 2018  1:21:45.731, poll=6,
    clock=de3a5c05.97bfead1  Fri, Feb 23 2018  1:23:17.592, state=4,
    offset=0.167, frequency=36.223, jitter=3.327, stability=0.003

    Modified: 2018-02-28