Log File Sample Content


This topic contains sample content from the /var/log directory. You can display the contents of the /var/log/messages file stored on the local Routing Engine. (The /var/log directory is the default location for log files, so you do not need to include it in the filename. The messages file is a commonly configured destination for system log messages.)

You can display the contents of the file /var/log/processes, which has been previously configured to include messages from the daemon facility. When issuing the file show command, you must specify the full pathname of the file:

You can display the contents of the file /var/log/processes when the explicit-priority statement is included at the [edit system syslog file processes] hierarchy level:

Warning Message Support for Throughput Overuse:

The SRX4100 device supports up to 20 Gbps and 7 Mpps of Internet mix (IMIX) firewall performance. When IMIX throughput exceeds 20 Gbps and 7 Mpps on an SRX4100 device, new log messages are logged. These log messages remind you that there is throughput overuse. You can see the following sample log messages when you issue the show log messages command.

As a reminder of throughput overuse, every 15 minutes the system calculates how many minutes the throughout has exceeded 20 Gbps and 7 Mpps. The system triggers a log message if the throughput has exceeded more than 1 minute, 30 seconds (10%) of the last 15 minutes. For example, suppose you see the following log message:

It means your throughput has exceeded 20 Gbps and 7 Mpps for 5 minutes, 15 seconds of the last 15 minutes (35% of 15 minutes) that triggered the log message.

To turn off this log message, we recommend that you bring down the throughput level below 20 Gbps and 7 Mpps or install the enhanced performance upgrade license.


This feature requires a license. Please refer to the Juniper Licensing Guide for general information about License Management. Please refer to the product Data Sheets at SRX Series Services Gateways for details, or contact your Juniper Account Team or Juniper Partner.