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    Cleaning Up Files in J-Web

    You can use the J-Web user interface to rotate log files and delete unnecessary files on the device. If you are running low on storage space, the file cleanup procedure quickly identifies files that can be deleted.

    The file cleanup procedure performs the following tasks:

    • Rotates log files—Archives all information in the current log files and creates fresh log files.
    • Deletes log files in /var/log—Deletes any files that are not currently being written to.
    • Deletes temporary files in /var/tmp—Deletes any files that have not been accessed within two days.
    • Deletes all crash files in /var/crash—Deletes any core files that the device has written during an error.
    • Deletes all software images (*.tgz files) in /var/sw/pkg—Deletes any software images copied to this directory during software upgrades.

    To rotate log files and delete unnecessary files with the J-Web user interface:

    1. In the J-Web user interface, select Maintain>Files.
    2. In the Clean Up Files section, click Clean Up Files. The device rotates log files and identifies the files that can be safely deleted.

      The J-Web user interface displays the files that you can delete and the amount of space that will be freed on the file system.

    3. Click one of the following buttons on the confirmation page:
      • To delete the files and return to the Files page, click OK.
      • To cancel your entries and return to the list of files in the directory, click Cancel.

    Modified: 2017-10-03