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Copying VM Host Installation Package to the PXE Boot Server


You can install the host OS, tools, and the Junos virtual machines (VMs) on the devices with RE-MX-X6, RE-MX-X8,RE-PTX-X8, and RE-QFX10002-60C, and RE-PTX10002-60C Routing Engines by using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) boot method. This is one of the methods used for a fresh installation. A PXE boot prepares a client/server environment to boot devices by using a network interface that is independent of available data storage devices or installed operating systems. The image of the operating system is stored on a TFTP server.

To copy the installation packages to the PXE boot server:

  1. Copy the downloaded installation media to the /var/tmp directory in the PXE boot server.
    scp  /volume/build/junos/15.1/release/15.1F3.9/ship/junos-vmhost-install-net-x86-64-15.1F3.9.tgz user@host:/var/tmp/
  2. Log in to the PXE boot server and verify the installation file.
    user@host> ls -lh junos-vmhost-install-net-x86-64-15.1F3.9.tgz
  3. Extract the junos-vmhost-install-net TAR file.
    user@host> tar xvzf junos-vmhost-install-net-x86-64-15.1F3.9.tgz –C /var/tmp
  4. Remove the previously installed files, if any, from the /tftpboot directory.
    user@host> rm -f /tftpboot/{,bootpxe64.efi,vmhost-version,grub.cfg,initramfs,vmlinuz}
    user@host>ls -lh /tftpboot//
  5. Extract the network installation package.
    user@host> tar xvzf /var/tmp/contents/vmhost-install-net-x86_64-15.1I20151019_1021_builder.tgz -C /tftpboot/
  6. Rename or delete the previously installed root file system/scripts from the /var/install directory. Create a new /var/install directory.
    user@host>mv /var/install /var/install_old
    user@host>mkdir /var/install
  7. Extract the installation package.
    user@host>tar xvzf /var/tmp/contents/junos-vmhost-install.tgz -C /var/install
  8. Set permissions for the files in the /var/install and /tftpboot directories.
  9. Exit the PXE boot server.