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Starting and Stopping a JET Application Running on a Device Running Junos OS


This topic describes how to run a JET application on a device running Junos OS and how to show its status.

Verifying Which JET Applications Are Configured

To verify which JET applications are configured to run:

  • Use the show system extensions configuration mode command.

    For example, suppose echoclient and echoserver have been installed and enabled on a device. The output from the show system extensions command might be the following:

Starting a JET Application

To start a JET application:

  1. Issue the request extension-service start application-name operational command, for example:

Showing the Status of JET Applications on the Device

To show the status of the JET applications on a device running Junos OS:

  • Use the show extension-service status command:Note

    The show extension-service status operational command is limited to use with Python applications only.

    • To display the status of one application, use the show extension-service status application-name command.

    • To display the status of multiple applications, use the show extension-service status all command.

Stopping a JET Application

To stop the application:

  • Issue the request extension-service stop command.