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    Contact JTAC

    If you cannot determine the cause of a problem or need additional assistance, contact JTAC at support@juniper, or at 1-888-314-JTAC (within the United States) or 1-408-745-9500 (from outside the United States).

    To provide JTAC with information about the system, use the following CLI command:

    user@host> request support information

    Include the command output in your support request.

    Because the output of this command is generally quite long, you can redirect the output to a file by using the following CLI command:

    user@host> request support information | save filename

    The request support information command is a combination of the following CLI operational mode commands:

    • show version—Displays version information for the Junos OS packages and the software for each software process.
    • show chassis firmware—Displays the version levels of the firmware running on the SCB, SFM, SSB, FEB, and FPCs.
    • show chassis hardware—Displays a list of all components installed in the router chassis. The output includes the component name, version, part number, serial number, and a brief description.
    • show chassis environment—Displays environmental information about the router chassis, including the temperature and information about the fans, power supplies, and Routing Engine.
    • show interfaces extensive—Displays static status information about router interfaces.
    • show configuration (excluding any SECRET-DATA)—Displays the configuration that currently is running on the router, which is the last committed configuration. If you have modified the configuration since you last committed it, the configuration information displayed by the show configuration command will be different from that displayed with the show command from the [edit] hierarchy level in Junos OS CLI configuration mode.
    • show system virtual-memory—Displays the usage of Junos kernel memory, listed first by size of allocation and then by type of usage.

    Modified: 2017-06-19