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Managing vMX on NFX250 Licenses


You must add a license to use vMX features. The licensed features are enforced based on the license you purchased.

If you upgrade from an ADVANCE package license to a PREMIUM package license or if you downgrade from a PREMIUM package license to an ADVANCE package license, you must restart the routing protocol process (restart routing). If your configuration has logical systems, you must restart the routing protocol process for all logical systems (restart routing logical-system logical-system-name).

If you need to move your vMX installation to another host, you must remove vMX from the current host before installing vMX and adding the license on the new host.

Adding a License

To add a license key to the vMX:

  1. Copy the license activation key file to the VCP and add the license key by specifying the filename.

    Or, you can copy and paste the license activation key directly to add the license key. For example:

  2. Verify that the license is installed. VMX-BANDWIDTH indicates the licensed bandwidth (in Mbps) and VMX-SCALE indicates the application package. (VMX-SCALE 2 is the ADVANCE package and VMX-SCALE 3 is the PREMIUM package.) This information is also listed as Features in the Licenses installed section. For example, this output indicates that the 40G perpetual license for the PREMIUM application package is installed.
    user@vmx> show system license
  3. Verify the configured bandwidth for PFE traffic matches the licensed bandwidth (VMX-BANDWIDTH). The current and average bandwidth are also displayed.
    user@vmx> show pfe statistics traffic bandwidth

Deleting a License

To delete a vMX license:

  1. Display the installed licenses.
    user@vmx> show system license installed
  2. Delete the license.

    For example:

  3. Verify that the license is deleted.
    user@vmx> show system license