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    Modifying the Preemption Hold-Time Value

    The hold time is the maximum number of seconds that can elapse before a higher-priority backup router preempts the master router. You might want to configure a hold time so that all Junos OS components converge before preemption.

    By default, the hold-time value is 0 seconds. A value of 0 means that preemption can occur immediately after the backup router comes online.

    Note: The hold time is counted from the time the backup router comes online. The hold time is only valid when the VRRP router is just coming online.

    To modify the preemption hold-time value, include the hold-time statement:

    hold-time seconds;

    The hold time can be from 0 through 3600 seconds.

    You can include this statement at the following hierarchy level:

    • [edit interfaces interface-name unit logical-unit-number family inet address address vrrp-group group-id preempt]

    Modified: 2018-03-08