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    Configuring MX-LAN Mode for a Virtual Chassis

    Configuring network-services lan assumes the system is running in network-services enhanced-ip mode.

    Note: Be sure to delete any unsupported configurations before changing to enhanced-ip mode.

    To configure MX-LAN Mode for an existing Virtual Chassis:

    1. Log into the console for the master Routing Engine in the Virtual Chassis master router (member0-re0 in this procedure).
    2. Access the chassis hierarchy.
      {master:member0-re0}[edit]user@host# edit chassis
    3. Configuring MX-LAN Mode on member 0.
      {master:member0-re0}[edit chassis]user@host# set network-services lan
    4. Commit the configuration.
    5. When prompted to do so, reboot all Routing Engines in the Virtual Chassis.
      {master:member0-re0}user@host> request system reboot

      The request system reboot command reboots both Routing Engines in each member router forming the Virtual Chassis.

      Warning: After the chassis configuration for network services has been changed, a system reboot is mandatory. Please reboot the system now. Continuing without a reboot might result in unexpected system behavior.

    6. (Optional) Verify that enhanced IP network services has been properly configured for the Virtual Chassis.

      Verify that MX-LAN Mode is configured on the master Routing Engine in the Virtual Chassis master router (member0-re0).

      {master:member0-re0}user@host> show chassis network-services
      Network Services Mode: MX-LAN

    Modified: 2016-06-23