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Configuring Junos OS to Enable the TX Matrix Router to Generate an Alarm If a T640 Router Stays Offline


By default, the Junos OS enables all the T640 routers in the routing matrix to come online. The Junos OS also allows you to configure all the T640 routers so that if they do not come online, an alarm is sent by the TX Matrix router.

To configure this alarm, include the online-expected statement at the [edit chassis lcc number] hierarchy level:

If you do not want a T640 router to be part of the routing matrix, you can configure it to be offline. This is useful when you are performing maintenance on a T640 router. When the T640 router is ready to come back online, delete the offline configuration statement.

To configure a T640 router so that it is offline, include the offline statement at the [edit chassis lcc number] hierarchy level:


If you do not configure the online-expected or offline statement, any T640 router that is part of the routing matrix is allowed to come online. However, if a T640 router does not come online, the TX Matrix router does not generate an alarm.