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Configuring a PPPoE Wholesaler Access Profile


You must define the network and interface over which you want subscribers to initially access the network with a wholesale access profile. When a subscriber attempts to access the network, the access profile provides initial access information including authentication and accounting values that the router uses for the accessing subscriber.

To define a wholesale access profile:

  1. Create the wholesale access profile.
  2. Specify the authentication methods for the profile and the order in which they are used.
  3. Specify that you want to configure RADIUS support.
  4. Specify the IP address of the RADIUS server used for authentication.
  5. Specify the IP address of the RADIUS server used for accounting.
  6. Configure any desired options for the RADIUS server.

    See RADIUS Servers and Parameters for Subscriber Access.

  7. Configure subscriber accounting (RADIUS accounting).

    See Configuring Per-Subscriber Session Accounting.