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    Configuring DHCP Client-Specific Attributes

    You use the address-assignment pool feature to include application-specific attributes when clients obtain an address. The client application, such as DHCP, uses the attributes to determine how addresses are assigned, and to also provide optional application-specific characteristics to the client. For example, the DHCP application might specify that a client that matches certain prerequisite information is dynamically assigned an address from a particular named range. Based on which named range is used, DHCP specifies additional DHCP attributes such as the boot file that the client uses, the lease grace period, and the maximum lease time.

    You use the dhcp-attributes statement to configure DHCP client-specific attributes for address-assignment pools. DHCP Attributes for Address-Assignment Pools describes the supported attributes you can configure for IPv4 address-assignment pools.

    To configure address-assignment pool attributes for DHCP clients:

    1. Specify the name and IP family of the address-assignment pool.
      [edit access]
      user@host# edit address-assignment pool isp_1 family inet
    2. Configure optional DHCP client attributes. For example,
      [edit access address-assignment pool isp_1 family inet]
      user@host# set dhcp-attributes boot-server grace-period 3600 maximum-lease-time 18000

    Modified: 2016-05-23