Enabling the Reporting of Accurate Subscriber Accounting Statistics to the CLI


You can configure the router to display accurate statistics for subscriber sessions on dynamic interfaces. By default, aggregate statistics (byte and packet counts) for interfaces displayed by the show interfaces extensive command do not accurately reflect customer traffic. These counters include overhead bytes that represent the encapsulation overhead added to the actual subscriber data bytes. The aggregate counters also include dropped packets in the total, so the values represent transit statistics rather than the actual subscriber traffic on the interface.

Inclusion of the overhead bytes and dropped packets can have a significant effect on the final reported values. You can exclude dropped packets from the count by including the interface-transmit-statistics statement for an interface, but this has no effect on the overhead bytes.

To display accurate subscriber statistics, include the actual-transmit-statistics statement for the logical interface in the dynamic profile. This statement enables the show subscribers command to display aggregate byte and packet counts for a specified subscriber session or for all subscriber sessions on a specified interface. The displayed statistics match the values that are reported to RADIUS for the subscribers. The statistics are collected after traffic shaping is applied and they do not include overhead bytes, control packets, or dropped packets.


Starting in Junos OS Release 18.4R1, you must enable actual-transit-statistics to collect subscriber statistics. If you do not configure this statement, subscriber statistics are not collected; the show subscribers accounting-statistics command displays a value of 0 for subscriber statistics; and the subscriber statistics are reported to RADIUS with values of zero.


Service accounting statistics are not included.

To configure the reporting of accurate subscriber session statistics:

  • Enable actual transit statistics.

You can display the subscriber accounting statistics in two ways:

  • Display subscriber statistics by session ID with the show subscribers id session-id accounting-statistics command.

  • Display subscriber statistics by dynamic interface for all session IDs with the show subscribers interfaces interface-name accounting-statistics command.