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    Configuring STP

    The default spanning-tree protocol on the device is Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). RSTP provides faster convergence times than Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) does. However, some legacy networks require the slower convergence times of basic STP.

    If your network includes 802.1D 1998 bridges, you can remove RSTP and explicitly configure STP. When you explicitly configure STP, the device uses the IEEE 802.1D 2004 specification, force version 0. This configuration runs a version of RSTP that is compatible with the classic, basic STP.

    To configure STP using the CLI:

    1. Delete the RSTP configuration on the interface (here, the interface is xe-0/0/5):
      user@switch# delete protocols rstp interface xe-0/0/5
    2. Configure STP on the interface:
      user@switch# set protocols stp interface xe-0/0/5
    3. Commit the configuration:
      user@switch# commit

    Modified: 2014-07-21