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Setting the SAToP Options


To configure SAToP options on T1/E1 interfaces:

  1. In configuration mode, go to the [edit interfaces e1-fpc-slot/pic-slot/port] hierarchy level.

    For example:

  2. Use the edit command to go to the satop-options hierarchy level.
  3. In this hierarchy level, using the set command you can configure the following SAToP options:
    • excessive-packet-loss-rate—Set packet loss options. The options are groups, sample-period, and threshold.

      • groups—Specify groups.

      • sample-period—Time required to calculate excessive packet loss rate (from 1000 through 65,535 milliseconds).

      • threshold—Percentile designating the threshold of excessive packet loss rate (1–100 percent).

    • idle-pattern—An 8-bit hexadecimal pattern to replace TDM data in a lost packet (from 0 through 255).

    • jitter-buffer-auto-adjust—Automatically adjust the jitter buffer.


      The jitter-buffer-auto-adjust option is not applicable on MX Series routers.

    • jitter-buffer-latency—Time delay in the jitter buffer (from 1 through 1000 milliseconds).

    • jitter-buffer-packets—Number of packets in the jitter buffer (from 1 through 64 packets).

    • payload-size—Configure the payload size, in bytes (from 32 through 1024 bytes).


    In this section, we are configuring only one SAToP option. You can follow the same method to configure all the other SAToP options.

    For example:

To verify this configuration, use the show command at the [edit interfaces e1-1/0/0] hierarchy level:

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