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    Configuring Traffic Sampling

    Traffic sampling enables you to copy traffic to the CSE2000, which performs flow monitoring while the router forwards the packet to its original destination. You can configure traffic sampling by defining a sampling instance that specifies a name for the sampling parameters and binding the instance name to a particular FPC on the PTX5000 or the PTX3000 router.

    Before configuring the traffic sampling, you must configure member Interfaces and interface family for aggregated tethered services (ATS) interfaces. For more details, see Configuring Member Interfaces and Interface Family for Aggregated Tethered Services Interfaces.

    To configure the sampling instance:

    1. Configure the sampling instance at the [edit forwarding-options] hierarchy level and specify the sampling rate, the run length, and the maximum packet length.

      The sampling rate determines the ratio of the number of packets to be sampled. For example, if you specify a rate of 10, 1 out of every 10 packets is sampled.

      The run length sets the number of samples to be taken following the initial trigger event. This enables you to sample packets following those already being sampled.

      The maximum packet length sets the maximum length (in bytes) of the packet used for traffic sampling. Packets with length greater than the specified maximum are truncated.

      [edit forwarding-options]user@host# set sampling instance instance-name input rate numberuser@host# set sampling instance instance-name input run-length numberuser@host# set sampling instance instance-name input maximum-packet-length bytes
    2. Apply the sampling instance to an FPC.

      The FPC number must match the FPC portion of the interface name for the interface on which sampling is enabled. To apply the sampling instance, include the sampling-instance statement at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level.

      [edit chassis]user@host# set fpc slot sampling instance instance-name

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    Modified: 2017-01-18