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Configuring Autorecovery From the Disabled State on Secure Interfaces of a Security Device (CLI Procedure)


An Ethernet switching access interface on a SRX Series device might shut down or be disabled as a result of one of the following port-security configurations:

  • MAC limiting—mac-limit statement is configured with action shutdown.

You can configure the device to automatically restore the disabled interfaces to service after a specified period of time. Autorecovery applies to all the interfaces that have been disabled due to MAC limiting errors.


You must specify the disable timeout value for the interfaces to recover automatically. There is no default disable timeout. If you do not specify a timeout value, you need to use the clear ethernet-switching recovery-timeout command to clear the errors and restore the interfaces or the specified interface to service.

To configure autorecovery from the disabled state due to MAC limiting shutdown actions:

[edit interfaces]

user@host# set interfaces ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family ethernet-switching recovery-timeout 60