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Minimum DHCP Relay Agent Configuration


The following example describes the minimum configuration required to configure an SRX Series device as a DHCP relay agent. The DHCP servers used in this example are and They are configured as part of same server group named dhcp-server. The server group is then activated by the group name in the active-server-group. The DHCP relay group is enabled on interface ge-0/0/1.0.

  1. Create a dhcp-relay group that includes at least one interface.
  2. Specify the name of the server-group and add the IP address for the DHCP servers belonging to the same group.
  3. Specify the name of the active server group.
  4. Configure security policy to allow DHCP services on the required security zone.

To configure the DHCP relay agent in a routing instance, configure the dhcp-relay statements in the [edit routing-instances] hierarchy level.