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Configuring the R2CP Radio-to-Router Protocol


To configure the R2CP protocol:

  1. Configure the interfaces.

    The following example creates four logical interfaces on ge-0/0/2, using unit 52 for R2CP control messages and units 101-193 for data traffic. The per-unit-scheduler statement is required for R2CP.

  2. Configure the R2CP protocol.

    The following example configures g2-0/0/2.52 as the interface for R2CP control messages, vg1 as the virtual-channel group, and ge-0/0/2.101-103 as data interfaces using the radio-interface statement.

  3. Configure class of service.

    The following example defines virtual-channels, their initial shaping-rates, and the virtual-channel-group to which they belong. It also makes the association between radio-interface interfaces and virtual-channel-group. In the class of service configuration, the vc-shared-scheduler configuration statement is required for each interface configured as a radio interface in the R2CP protocol configuration.