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Upgrading the Optical Inline Amplifier from the Junos OS CLI


Starting with Junos OS Release 17.1R1, you can upgrade Juniper Networks optical inline amplifiers (ILA)s using the Junos OS CLI. This topic describes how to upgrade optical ILAs in the amplifier chain of the PTX3000 integrated photonic line system.

Before you begin:


You must perform this upgrade on all optical ILAs in the amplifier chain and all units must be running the same software release.

To upgrade the software on the optical ILA from the Junos OS CLI:

  1. Download the correct optical ILA software package. Optical ILA software images are released separately and are not part of Junos OS releases. The optical ILA software image filename is: IlaFirmwareBundle. Before entering CLI mode on the router, copy the optical ILA software image to the /var/tmp/ directory on the PTX3000 primary routing engine.
  2. Verify that the optical ILA software image is now located in the /var/tmp/ directory of the PTX3000.
  3. Enter CLI mode and from the [edit] configuration hierarchy, run the upgrade command. In the following example, the IPLC module resides in FPC slot 5 and the optical ILA being upgraded is ila-2.

    Upon completion, the following message displays on the Junos OS CLI:

  4. Verify that the upgrade process is complete on the optical ILA by issuing the following command:

    The last line of the output must indicate 100 percent complete as follows:

  5. Reset the optical ILA.
  6. Verify that the software is now running.