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    Configuring PTSP Service Sets

    To configure the service set for the PTSP application:

    1. Configure the service set that you want to contain the PTSP service.
      [edit services service-set ptspServiceSet]user@host# set service-set ptspServiceSet
    2. Specify the PTSP rules that constitute the service set that is applied to the services interface.
      [edit services service-set ptspServiceSet]user@host# set ptsp-rules ptsp-rule1user@host# set ptsp-rules ptsp-rule2
    3. Configure the services interface.

      Note: ams- interfaces and rms- interfaces are supported for PTSP.

      [edit services service-set ptspServiceSet]user@host# set interface-service service-interface ms-3/0/0.0
    4. Associate the service set with the underlying interface from which the subscribers originate. The service set must be applied to the interface facing the subscriber, that is, the interface with the IP address of the subscriber.
      [edit interfaces ge-4/0/0 unit 0 family inet service]user@host# set input service-set ptspServiceSetuser@host# set output service-set ptspServiceSet

    Modified: 2015-02-05