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Configuring PPPoE-Based Radio-to-Router Protocols


To configure the PPPoE-based radio-to-router protocol:

  1. Configure PPPoE encapsulation for an Ethernet interface.

  2. Configure radio-router on the logical Ethernet interface.

  3. Specify the logical Ethernet interface as the underlying interface for the PPPoE session.

  4. Configure the operational mode as server.

  5. (Optional) Identify the access concentrator by a unique name.

  6. Specify how many seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect.

  7. Provide a name for the type of service provided by the access concentrator.

  8. Configure the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of the interface.

  9. Configure the MTU size for the protocol family.

  10. Disable the sending of keepalive messages on the logical interface.