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Configuring the Number and Size of PPPoE Log Files


You can optionally specify the number of compressed, archived trace log files to be from 2 through 1000. You can also configure the maximum file size to be from 10 KB through 1 gigabyte (GB); the default size is 128 kilobytes (KB).

The archived files are differentiated by a suffix in the format .number.gz. The newest archived file is .0.gz and the oldest archived file is .(maximum number)-1.gz. When the current trace log file reaches the maximum size, it is compressed and renamed, and any existing archived files are renamed. This process repeats until the maximum number of archived files is reached, at which point the oldest file is overwritten.

For example, you can set the maximum file size to 2 MB, and the maximum number of files to 20. When the file that receives the output of the tracing operation, filename, reaches 2 MB, filename is compressed and renamed filename.0.gz, and a new file called filename is created. When the new filename reaches 2 MB, filename.0.gz is renamed filename.1.gz and filename is compressed and renamed filename.0.gz. This process repeats until there are 20 trace files. Then the oldest file, filename.19.gz, is simply overwritten when the next oldest file, filename.18.gz is compressed and renamed to filename.19.gz.