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    Enabling Dynamic ARP Inspection (J-Web Procedure)

    Dynamic ARP inspection (DAI) protects EX Series switches against ARP spoofing. DAI inspects ARP packets on the LAN and uses the information in the DHCP snooping database on the switch to validate ARP packets and to protect against ARP cache poisoning.

    You configure DAI for each VLAN, not for each interface (port). By default, DAI is disabled for all VLANs.

    To enable DAI on one or more VLANs by using the J-Web interface:

    1. Select Configure>Security>Port Security.
    2. Select one or more VLANs from the VLAN list.
    3. Click the Edit button. If a message appears asking if you want to enable port security, click Yes.
    4. Select the Enable ARP Inspection on VLAN check box and then click OK.
    5. Click OK after the command has been successfully delivered.

    Note: You can enable or disable port security on the switch at any time by clicking the Activate or Deactivate button on the Port Security Configuration page. If security status is shown as Disabled when you try to edit settings for any VLANs or interfaces (ports), the message asking if you want to enable port security appears.

    Modified: 2016-08-12