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Enable MPLS on Transit Router Interfaces



Even though transit interfaces are enabled with MPLS when you include the family mpls statement in the configuration, MPLS as a whole is not configured on your router or in your network. You must complete all five steps in this topic to have the MPLS protocol running on your network.


The management interface (fxp0) and the loopback interface (lo0) are not transit interfaces.


To configure transit interfaces to support MPLS, follow these steps:

  1. In configuration mode, go to the following hierarchy level:

  2. Configure MPLS:

  3. Verify and commit the configuration:

Sample Output


The sample output shows that the interface so-0/0/2 is configured to support MPLS. The family statement identifies which protocol packets are accepted into the interfaces. For example, valid MPLS packets are dropped if the interface is not configured with the MPLS protocol.