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Configuring a Routing Instance for MPLS VPNs (CLI Procedure)


To configure a VPN routing instance on each PE router:

  1. Create the routing instance.
  2. Create a routing instance description. (This text appears in the output of the show route instance detail command.)
  3. Specify the instance type, either l2vpn for Layer 2 VPNs or vrf for Layer 3 VPNs.
  4. Specify the interface of the remote PE router.
  5. Specify the route distinguisher using one of the following commands:
  6. Specify the policy for the Layer 2 VRF table.
  7. Specify the policy for the Layer 3 VRF table.

    Where community-id is either as-number:number or ip-address:number.

  8. Commit the configuration if you are finished configuring the device.