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Configuring CoS on Provider Switches of an MPLS Network


You can add class-of-service (CoS) components to your MPLS networks on EX Series switches to achieve end-to-end Differentiated Services to match your specific business requirements. The configuration of CoS components on the provider switches is the same regardless of whether the provider edge (PE) switches are using MPLS over CCC or IP over MPLS.

This task shows how to configure a custom EXP classifier and custom EXP rewrite rule on the provider switch.

  1. Import the default EXP classifier classes to the custom EXP classifier that you are creating:
    [edit class-of-service]

    user@switch# set classifiers exp exp1 import default

  2. Add the expedited-forwarding class to this custom EXP classifier, specifying a loss priority and code point:
    [edit class-of-service]

    user@switch# set classifiers exp exp1 forwarding-class expedited-forwarding loss-priority low code-points 010
  3. Specify the values for the custom EXP rewrite rule, e1:
    [edit class-of-service]

    user@switch# set rewrite-rules exp e1 forwarding-class expedited-forwarding loss-priority low code-point 111
  4. On EX8200 switches only, bind the custom EXP rewrite rule to the interface:
    [edit class-of-service]

    user@switch# set class-of-service interfaces ge-0/0/2 unit 0 rewrite-rules exp e1

You can also configure schedulers and shapers as needed. See Defining CoS Schedulers and Scheduler Maps (CLI Procedure).