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    Configuring the Virtual Circuit ID

    You configure a virtual circuit ID on each interface. Each virtual circuit ID uniquely identifies the Layer 2 circuit among all the Layer 2 circuits to a specific neighbor. The key to identifying a particular Layer 2 circuit on a PE router is the neighbor address and the virtual circuit ID. An LDP-FEC-to-label binding is associated with a Layer 2 circuit based on the virtual circuit ID in the FEC and the neighbor that sent this binding. The LDP-FEC-to-label binding enables the dissemination of the VPN label used for sending traffic on that Layer 2 circuit to the remote CE device. When an LDP peer sends a Label Withdraw message for a Layer 2 circuit FEC with a non zero group ID, the Junos OS software sends the Label Release message with the group ID for the Layer 2 circuit associated with the FEC.

    You also configure a virtual circuit ID for each redundant pseudowire. A redundant pseudowire is identified by the backup neighbor address and the virtual circuit ID.

    To configure the virtual circuit ID, include the virtual-circuit-id statement:

    virtual-circuit-id identifier;

    For a list of hierarchy levels at which you can include this statement, see the statement summary section for this statement.

    Modified: 2018-03-12