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    Configuring Virtual Switches as Separate Routing Instances

    You can configure two virtual switches as separate routing instances on an MX Series router with bridge domains and VLANs.

    Before you begin, you should have already configured a basic bridge domain environment. For a general description of a basic bridge domain environment, see Layer 2 Features for a Bridging Environment. For an example of a basic bridge domain configuration, see Example Roadmap: Configuring a Basic Bridge Domain Environment. More detailed examples are also provided for the four features generally required in a Layer 2 environment:

    • Interfaces and VLAN tags required.
    • Bridge domains required by the topology.
    • Spanning tree protocols required by the topology.
    • Integrated bridging and routing required by the topology.

    At the end of this configuration, you create two virtual switches as separate routing instances to separate the VLANs and broadcast domains. Because the same VLAN ID can be used in multiple switched networks, virtual switches can keep each VLAN and broadcast domain logically separated.

    To configure two virtual switches as separate routing instances:

    1. The following statements configure the first virtual switch in a routing instance.

      routing-instances {
      virtual-switch-1 {
      instance-type virtual-switch;
      ...virtual-switch-1 configuration with one STP/VLAN ID set...
    2. The following statement configure the second virtual switch in a different routing instance.

      routing-instances {
      virtual-switch-2 {
      instance-type virtual-switch;
      ...virtual-switch-2 configuration with another STP/VLAN ID set...

    This is not a complete configuration.

    For more information about configuring virtual switches, see the Junos OS Layer 2 Switching and Bridging Library .

    Modified: 2017-09-13