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Specifying the Device Physical Location


To specify the physical location of the network device, you can configure the following options for the location statement at the [edit system] hierarchy level:

  • altitude feet—Number of feet above sea level.

  • building name—Name of the building, 1 to 28 characters in length. If the string contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks (" ").

  • country-code code—Two-letter country code.

  • floor number—Floor in the building.

  • hcoord horizontal-coordinate—Bellcore Horizontal Coordinate.

  • lata transport-area—Local Access Transport Area.

  • latitude degrees—Latitude in degree format.

  • longitude degrees—Longitude in degree format.

  • npa-nxx number—First six digits of the phone number (area code and exchange).

  • postal-code postal-code—Postal code.

  • rack number—Rack number.

  • vcoord vertical-coordinate—Bellcore Vertical Coordinate.

The following example shows how to specify the physical location of the router or switch:

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